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How could this product help me

If ordering business cards or name badges across your multi-branch network is your responsibility, this set of tools is for you. No more manual backwards and forwards and multiple artwork proofs. Load a template on our system that can be edited online with personal information. This becomes the digital sign off of the artwork, we […]

How have we assisted other clients

Clients use our Marketing Distribution tools to manage the personalisation and distribution of company branded materials as well as name badges and business cards. With a few clicks of your mouse, order personalised name badges and business cards using pre-loaded company templates and pre-loaded destination addresses. We also assist in the management of marketing rollouts […]

How could this product help me?

If making sure that people in your office or branch have the required stationery, pre-printed materials, cleaning and grocery items is your headache – Vendor Consolidation is the solution you have been looking for. Take away the headache of managing multiple branches’ spend and ordering processes and give yourself access to management tools that help […]

How have we assisted other clients ?

  For over 25 years, we have been assisting our clients with the ordering, consolidation and delivery of various consumable goods. Over this time, our sophisticated software solution has been developed to meet the needs of the multi branch organisation of the 21st Century. Eazybranch uses Ingenuit’s  unique management software to offer time and money savings as […]

How could this product help me?

Want to organise accommodation for a staff member who is travelling? Want to order an air conditioner service for your branch on the other side of the country? Need to have a shop front glass window replaced? Need branches to be able to order services from suppliers approved by Head Office? Want visibility into what […]

How have we assisted other clients?

Purchasing Management is a tool that allows you to manage the purchasing of services and goods across a wide range of suppliers.  In one system, we give clients access to purchasing history, budgets, restriction to specific approved suppliers, authorisation levels and sophisticated reporting. Clients have reported a decrease in spend once the system is implemented […]