Manage your uniform distribution from order to receipt

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The Management of company uniforms is traditionally one of the biggest headaches for businesses. While the correct uniform is essential to protection of brand and in some cases security (in the airline industry for example) it can be very time consuming and cumbersome to manage and keep track of orders and spend can become almost impossible. Storage space is necessary, management of size curves and spend important, compliance in terms of staff wearing correct uniforms and returns and replacements very complicated to manage and keep track of.

Our solution gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that their uniforms are stored in a secure warehouse, stock levels are monitored, every purchase can be reported on and tracked to each individual in the organisation and down to individual items.

Trend analysis and trend mapping visability

Increase visibility in your organisation trends and spend

Because the products are all available in an online cloud solution, information is kept up to date and reporting is live. Where traditionally petty cash is spent on items that we consolidate for you, Eazybranch gives you visibility at a cost centre level into exactly what is being spent on what and how often. In the case of uniforms, at an individual level, spend and frequency of ordering are monitored and reporting can be pulled at a few clicks of the mouse.

Benefits of uniform management

Management of Uniform orders and Distribution to an individual level

Eazybranch’s unique Uniform Management Solution manages everything about your uniform ordering process. We will work with your existing manufacturer or can recommend alternatives should you require this. Our solution then manages the capturing of sizes per employee so that you have an accurate size curve when ordering from the manufacturer, as well as the ordering of items – be they in packs for rollouts or individual items on an ad hoc basis. The system keeps an up to date record of previous items and sizes ordered. Everything is online from images of items, to pricing and sizes and the authorisation process ensures budgets are monitored and there is control of spend and ordering. Our reporting is very versatile and can be adapted by you online to reflect the information you want to see.

Eazybranch is a cloud based system

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Our unique consolidation of items that traditionally you get from various different suppliers enables us to assist in reducing your company’s impact on the environment. Because we consolidate items into one order with one invoice and one delivery we are able to reduce paperwork as well as delivery costs.